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Brandon David Brown

Sterling Knuckle-Duster Studs | Sterling Silver, Vermeil, 18k Gold, or 18k White Gold

Sterling Knuckle-Duster Studs | Sterling Silver, Vermeil, 18k Gold, or 18k White Gold

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Across the world, metal ring and knuckle style weapons have been worn by warriors and criminals for millennia. Brass knuckles became immensely popular with troops during the world wars, to the point that the United States Army made a variant standard issue to its soldiers. Naturally, the soldiers took their brass knuckles to a variety of environments.

Our Brass Knuckle Studs are designed for wear every day, in any situation. You can wear them in the shower, in the pool, or in the ocean. They are a great accessory for casual ensembles, or to bring an edge to a classy occasion.

Earrings are approximately 6mm wide.

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All BDB jewelry is made from either; 22-24kt Solid Gold, .999 silver, Sterling Silver, Argentium Silver, Platinum, Paladium, Vermeil (18kt Gold Plating) or 22kt Gold Plating. I use real natural gems or cubic zirconia (CZs). No synthetic material is used unless requested. I work primarily in NON-ferrous metals, but I am willing to manufacture in any metal as a custom order. To make my work affordable to everyone, everything is available with #mm CZs as a custom order.

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Plated jewelry of any kind should never be worn in the ocean. The reason is because the salt and sand remove the gold from the surface, essentially removing the plating. You can; however, wear it in the shower and most swimming pools.


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