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Brandon David Brown

Doppio Italian Horn Earrings in Sterling Silver or 18k Gold Over Silver

Doppio Italian Horn Earrings in Sterling Silver or 18k Gold Over Silver

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If you're Italian, you already know. And if you're not, keep reading 'cause you're about to find out. It’s not a chilli pepper; it’s the Cornicello or Italian Horn. The Corno is given as a gift for protection, even if the gift is from you. It provides protection for the wearer from the "Malocchio," or the evil eye - this superstition dates back thousands of years predating even Rome. It is shaped after a bull's horn, which for Italians symbolizes good luck and protection for one's self and family. Usually, one is worn on a necklace. However, I wanted to spice things up as a pair of earrings each sporting a pair of Cornos, so you get four times the protection at one great price! Available as sterling silver or 18k gold over silver.
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All BDB jewelry is made from either; 22-24kt Solid Gold, .999 silver, Sterling Silver, Argentium Silver, Platinum, Paladium, Vermeil (18kt Gold Plating) or 22kt Gold Plating. I use real natural gems or cubic zirconia (CZs). No synthetic material is used unless requested. I work primarily in NON-ferrous metals, but I am willing to manufacture in any metal as a custom order. To make my work affordable to everyone, everything is available with #mm CZs as a custom order.

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Plated jewelry of any kind should never be worn in the ocean. The reason is because the salt and sand remove the gold from the surface, essentially removing the plating. You can; however, wear it in the shower and most swimming pools.


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