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Brandon David Brown

Carnival Panther Sterling Silver Pendant with CZs

Carnival Panther Sterling Silver Pendant with CZs

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The Carnival Panther was inspired by New Year’s Eve, The Philadelphia Mummers Day Parade, and Carnival. Made of solid sterling silver, the pendant comes with a 22” diamond cut cable chain. I set a Mardi Gras themed medley of over 100 bright, colorful cubic zirconias throughout this sterling silver pendant.

For millennia, humanity has worshiped cats and cat-like deities. While the Ancient Egyptian cat goddess Bastet is perhaps the most well-known, cat worship is a global phenomenon. The Mayan people revered several jaguar gods and goddesses. The Greek god Dionysus - lord of pleasure, festivals, and wine - is closely associated with big cats. The ancient Chinese believed that cats were originally appointed by the gods to rule the world, whereas the Vikings believed that the fertility goddess Freyja rode a chariot pulled by two cats. 

As the Carnival Panther pendant radiates with the energy of these feline figures, it makes quite the statement piece.

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All BDB jewelry is made from either; 22-24kt Solid Gold, .999 silver, Sterling Silver, Argentium Silver, Platinum, Paladium, Vermeil (18kt Gold Plating) or 22kt Gold Plating. I use real natural gems or cubic zirconia (CZs). No synthetic material is used unless requested. I work primarily in NON-ferrous metals, but I am willing to manufacture in any metal as a custom order. To make my work affordable to everyone, everything is available with #mm CZs as a custom order.

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Plated jewelry of any kind should never be worn in the ocean. The reason is because the salt and sand remove the gold from the surface, essentially removing the plating. You can; however, wear it in the shower and most swimming pools.


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